Saturday, October 27, 2012


Autumn has finally poked its fat little head in our direction! I'm always going to be a warm weather doggie, but it's nice to have a change, although I admit, California tends to hold on to Summer longer than any other season. I'm not complaining! These past several weeks have just flown by! I'm excited for Hallowoof! I'm a much better dog! I'm growing up, I'm maturing, .People and other animals just don't seem as tasty anymore.

Just the other day, I decided that I want to be a super hero with lazer-red eyes for Hallowoof! 
This look alone will scare any gangster that tries to pull of anything cute! Hopefully people will have their dog biscuits ready this year, unlike last year! I love my costume. It's nice and simple.

But my people had something else in mind...I don't know if I should....

I guess....

What is this?! Am I supposed to be a penguin or a dog giving a flat penguin a piggy back ride? Oh, brother!

"Come on, Alfie, smile for the camera!"


Can't wait to see what you paw pals and your people come up with this Hallowoof!


  1. I LOVE that last pikh!

    As fur my 'khostume'?

    Sibes don't do khostumes...just sayin'


  2. Hi Alfie!

    I just read your entry comment on my Frosty Paws giveaway, and we loved it! (I'm kinda behind on reading posts and things because my IT staff is busy preparing for this hurricane thing that's supposed to hit us tonight maybe.) Your entry almost brought tears to my momma's eyes. We're so glad your mom and dad found you! Like you, we think EVERY dog should have a home where it is loved and cared for and very very spoiled.

    We think you are very very cute! I like your superhero costume better, but we got a good laugh out of the flat penguin costume! LOVE the expression on your face!

    I hate costumes, so hope to avoid having to wear one. I usually do a pretty good job of trying to eat my costume off!

    your new friend,

  3. The last pic is perfect, my friend! How have you been....long time no see! Have a fun week!

  4. Your costumes is beautiful, love see your little face again!!
    Happy Halloween!
    Woof, woof,