Monday, October 29, 2012

Furr-Well, Suka

Why the long face, Alfie? Well, my snoot is always long, but today I have a good reason. I got the sad news that my dear friend, Suka has crossed the Rainbow Bridge after health complications with his poor heart. I've been following him for awhile and read his health reports off and on. No matter what was going on in his furry life, he always assured us that he was going to be okay, and I believed him! It's sad to let go of a friend, but he's right, he is okay. He's happy and he gets to be in a land where it always snows!

I just want to thank Suka for his heart-felt comments and being such a great furriend. His blog was always so uplifting and contains useful words of wisdom! I will miss him furrever, and things won't be the same for me in blogworld. But it's not the end, it's the start of a new chapter in life and now he will always be happy, not that he wasn't on earth! He was always full of happiness! He will no longer have to wait for winter to come because every day will be winter for him! Maybe we will cross paths again one day...but I can't take the cold! BOL! Puppy kisses to his human, K.

Ooh look, a piece of life growing from the ground. It's a sign that we must continue while our new doggie angel watches over us.


Gotta go clean my boogery tears now!


  1. What a pawesome post fur a special pal of ours!

    Woo are so khorrekht -

    As we reminded K on Monday, it's not furever - it's just - fur now!


  2. It is indeed a sad day. Suka was the BEST! R.I.P. Suka....until we meet again....

  3. I just went to Suka's blog....I am confused....

  4. She hasn't posted anything yet....I am certain she is in shock....this is so sad.... Suka will be missed. And you are such a great friend....your post is beautiful....

  5. This is so sad, we came to you from Suka's blog. This is a lovely tribute.

  6. Dear Alfie and Family,

    Thank you so much for your incredibly beautiful tribute to my Suka. I am crying as I type this as your words are so lovely and heartfelt. I am deeply moved by what your wrote and am very touched by your gesture. I also love the photo you made of Suka, it is beautiful. Thank you.

    Suka just loved little Alfie and admired his spunky attitude and funny take on life. Alfie always brought a smile to Suka's face and a wag to his tail. Suka sometimes wished we could go back to California so that he could hang out with Alfie. He knew they would be great friends in real life just as in blogging life.

    Thank you for being such a good and true friend to my Suka. Your friendship was very dear to us and will remain so with me.


    K (Suka's human)

  7. What a beautiful tribute for Suka, Alfie. He'll be always in our hearts.
    Happy Halloween.
    Woof, woof,