Friday, November 2, 2012

Costume Thief & Laundry Day

'Twas the night in November, when to my surprise

Whiskers and I are now the same size!
Okay, for real, I've been quite the tootsie roll these past few months thanks to the love and treats and pure spoiledness, but I have lost a few pounds and I'm now a healthy weight! I've been so happy! But then there are others being able to fit in your clothes. Her eye looks all kinds of crazy!

I realize how much I love my clothes whenever Whiskers decides to borrow it. She was like the penguin from the under world! Pretty scary!

Enough of her. Today, I decided to do my laundry

Yeah, all of that is mine! But as I was staring at the pile, I decided that it might make a great place to sleep.

Turns out, I was right!

Are you still there??

Okay, later!

1 comment:

  1. Ahahahahaah poor Whiskers!!
    You're so lovely sleeping in your blanket, i like blanket too :)
    Have a nice weekend, Alfie!!
    Woof, woof,