Friday, August 15, 2014

Lazy Summer

Happy Friday! Although it's Friday, it's not too late for a Weight Wednesday, is it? Well, this picture was taken on Wednesday, but wasn't uploaded until Friday due to my laziness. It's a lot of work for this lazy dog to be walking around the block. When I first heard the phrase "walk around the block", I had something different in mind. I pictured a block of cheese being placed in the middle of the ground, and me walking around it a few times, taking bites along the way. A bit disappointing, I must say. Anyway, this week, I lost no weight, but the good thing is, I didn't gain either. 

High Five for trying

Ha, don't let those pix fool you. I do look a little plumper, and I was afraid of what my results would be, but numbers don't lie. It was exactly the same as last week. It's a win/lose. This summer weather just makes me lazy. Speaking of Summer...

I returned to the dog park last weekend. I'm supposedly going to go back tomorrow. It was nice to see everyone again. I even saw a few newbies. Has it really been about a year since I started going? I'm no longer a regular, but I'm always grateful to be treated well whenever I visit. So much has changed in a year. 

Here are some of the dogs. It's supposed to be the small dog park, but for some reason big dogs want to join us. I welcome anyone with open paws, just don't run me over! 

Here's me with my pal Susie. I remember being so afraid of her when I first met her. Her energy just overwhelmed me, but she is still a youngin'. Check out her long legs. She is such a fast runner! I wonder what breed she is? Her people said something about her having Chihuahua in her. Chihuahua and what? Deer? 

When I'm not visiting my paw pals at the dog park, I'm working my jello off at another park. In between working a sweat, I always take time to enjoy the view

Okay, back to my nap

My dog cousin is coming this weekend. She's staying here for almost a week. Let the fun begin...

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