Monday, August 25, 2014

Making Strides

I got my life back this weekend. A friendship didn't bloom between Dakota and me like everyone hoped it would. We are too much alike in the fact that we don't really like to share hehe. I was even more insulted when I tried to make peace and she decided that she didn't want to share my humans with me. I was unhappy. I hope I can stay an only baby forever.

On the bright side, her family brought me some gifts from their trip to Hawaii.

I'm NOT digging this look. Too girly.

Now, this is more like it. Ukulele time. P.S. I was distracting my people from wanting to clip my nails. Not going to happen.

My mood has been extra chipper. I stayed home for 3 days straight! I was going crazy. I was so happy when my people harnessed me up. The harness means that I'm going somewhere. I didn't know where, and I didn't even care,  I was just happy to go somewhere. "Somewhere" ended up being the dog park, but I didn't mind. You know, I secretly want to make friends. I'd rather make friends with dogs who aren't in my house if you know what I mean. What better place than the dog park?

Hello doggies!

My girl took off my harness the moment I stepped foot in the dog park. I admit, I get a bit nervous when this happens. I feel so...naked, but people have advised her to do that thinking that it would make me feel more at ease. Well, it worked a little. I stayed with the man and the lady for a bit, but I decided to explore the park with the girl. I was taking advantage of my adventurousness. I even went up to a few dogs! It was a moment in Alfie history. 

I met a friendly beagle. I don't think he's ever been to this park. His family was setting up for a party at the park and let him hang out with us for a bit. He was cool. I liked him.I didn't even think of biting his nose off, either. 

I'm still a bit scared, but...anyone wanna play ball? It's bigger than my head, but still.

More friendly dogs. This is "Johnny Cash" and his mom. I don't know his mom's name but she's pretty. The three of us played a game of butt sniff.

Just Johnny Cash's mom and me

Here are three dog park regulars: The Chiweenie trio. Well, little Riley is a Dachshund, his 2 brothers Winston and Chiween are ChiWeenies. I wanted to join them in their fun, but I was still too shy.

Time for some dog park solitude

The fun is over, can I go home now?

Overall, I did great. My people were so proud of me. 

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