Thursday, January 5, 2012

Alfie in Toyland

So last night Lady Whiskers and I had a stare off...
The talented thing about cats is that they can stare at one thing for a long time without blinking! Or maybe she did blink when I happened to be blinking, who knows! But after awhile, I got bored. Hey, I'm a young dog, I can't keep my attention at one thing for so long, so I decided it was time to play and I pounced on her. Well, it turns out, she didn't want to play. That old ball of fur never wants to do anything fun. Our wrestling match resulted in a small scratch on the bridge of my nose.

 Will it teach me to not mess with her? Probably not =)

Anyway, I'm still enjoying this warm weather. I never want it to go away! The best part of warm days is watching the sun set.

But I noticed something strange sitting in my backyard. I've never seen it before...*sniffs*

It was a bag full of old stuffed animals! My people are cleaning up some of their rooms in the house and they were sorting out the old toys my people used to play with when they were little kid peoples! I had a lot of fun with them!

They're going to donate them to kids who would love them. Until then...they're mine! hehe.


  1. Enjoy them while you have them! I LOVE the third pic!

  2. I has a ball of fur too but he's a dog, not a kitteh...he don't likes to much eithers.

    How wonderfuls dat them toys is gonna be donated. Ya'll is gonna makes some children VERY happy.


  3. Hello dear Alfie!!!

    Happy 2012 to you too.
    I loved all your toys, you are so lucky!
    have a nice day, dear friend.
    Woof, woof,