Monday, February 13, 2012

One Year

It seems like only a year ago my people were searching our local shelter for their new pet. OH was a year ago!

When they walked into the shelter, they didn't have a particular breed in mind. They fell for a few cute, small dogs, but none of them grabbed my people's attention like the little "chihuahua" they found in the STRAY MALES kennel. Sure, I wasn't the cutest dog in the kennel, but they couldn't help but fall for those giant ears and light-colored eyes. My constant shaking and whining probably did the trick as well ;)

This was my "mug shot" from the shelter website. I was sooo ugly! Good thing my people visited the shelter in person, that way I could work my charm. This picture alone would have never gotten me adopted! I wonder about my brother though (the one in the pic with me). He was ugly too.

I had to wait a day to go home because I had to get manhood taken away from me. But when I arrived at my new home, I don't remember much. I was all groggy. I just remember hearing a ton of voices buzzing in my ear, and laying in a really soft bed!

"Is this real life???"

Being a stray/shelter dog comes with diseases too. I don't know what was wrong with me, but I couldn't stop coughing, wheezing, hacking, choking, sneezing, and having oogie boogies coming out of my nose. I was a skinny disease on four legs!

But after a couple months of medication, I was finally on my feet!

I always wanted to be someone's one and only, but I wasn't. Coming into a new house/family meant that I had to deal with the cat sisters too. Here are my first pictures with Wise Cat and Lady Whiskers.

I had a pretty interesting ride during my first year of being a house pet. I've made my people smile, and I've made my people frown. I've made some good friends and have even lost one (Wise Cat RIP). I still have a lot to learn but I know I'll get there....some day....maybe when my people are all old and wrinkled over. I've been told that I'm a good dog, just stubborn. I don't see the point in doing things if treats aren't involved, that's all! Oh yeah, we also found out that I wasn't a chihuahua...I'm a toy Rat Terrier!!!!!!!!!! or a brat terror.

I'm grateful for all of my fellow dog and cat blogger friends on here. A special bark out to my friend Remington for being my very first friend. Because of him, I have met a few more friends on here whose exciting lives I enjoy reading about. I don't have a huge following compared to most of the awesome animals on here, but I really do appreciate the ones who read my posts. Thank you to anyone who has ever stopped by to read, laugh, comment, and follow. I hope to meet more cool pets and their owners along the way!  But a special thanks to my regular commenters:
Bart & Ruby
Dr Darcy, Sookie, and their Mum

Alfie & His Person

P.S. I can't wait for my "gotcha day" on Wednesday. I heard that presents are involved!


  1. hey Alfie,

    Happy 1st Gotcha Day! What a wonderful post! It made both my heart, and my human's heart, very happy to read of your adoption into such a wonderful and loving family. "Brat terror" - BOL! Very funny! The photo of you and your human is lovely! She is beautiful and the two of you look perfect together!

    Please don't think you were ugly in your adoption mug shot. You were never ugly! You were a frightened little pup in a very scary place. It makes me and my human very sad thinking about it. I was in the same type of place. I was almost two-years-old when I was found and adopted by my human (through PetFinder!). My human was told I cried (howled) a lot, so I understand how it feels to be in there. BUT - you found your forever home!! Yay! Paws crossed your brofur is also in a loving forever home!

    Have a super fantastic Gotcha Day and I can't wait to read about all the great treats and presents and fun!


    p.s. Remington rocks! He is a cool dog! And I am so furry happy to be your friend!

  2. A YEAR AGO? REALLY? Where does the time go.... It has been so much fun this past year knowing you.... You rock! Happy Valentine’s Day, my friend! Enjoy! Presents tomorrow -- I bet they will be GREAT! Can't wait to see!

  3. Oh Alfie!!!!
    A year ago!!!?! I'm so happy for you and that you have found a beautiful family that love you so much.
    I'm so happy to have a nice friend like you.
    Happy Valentine's day.
    Woof, woof,