Saturday, February 18, 2012

Sweater Stealer!

The other day Lady Whiskers stole my sweater! I mean, I know I'm constantly expressing how much I hate my sweaters but when I saw Whiskers rockin' them, it made me realize that...I DO like them! They belong to me and seeing her parading around the room flaunting what belongs to me was kind of upsetting!

and then she tried to fight me for it!

my people really need to start building her her own wardrobe!

Anywagz, Wednesday was my official "Gotcha Day" but I wasn't able to really celebrate it by doing what I love the most (rolling in the dirt with MY sweaters) because water kept falling from the sky and everything was so dark and ugly. So I ventured out on Thursday instead. And guess what I got (besides a yummy Busy Bone)?...

A NEW SWEATER! Another striped one! I'm going to need my own closet soon.

modeling time!

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  1. That's is the one good thing about being as big as I am -- the cats don't fit in my clothes.... I like you sweater -- VERY COOL, my friend!